“I am very happy with the level of care and consideration each client receives at Centanet. Particularly with the client/staff ratio. My child thoroughly enjoys going to Day Options and participates in all the activities on offer”

Are you looking for a program designed to meet your individual goals and interests? Are you seeking variety and opportunity to develop friendships in a supported group environment?

Centacare offers centre-based Day Option programs located at Plympton and Elizabeth.

Program activities include:

  • Life Skills development – eg: grocery shopping, cooking, personal care, gardening, household tasks
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing – eg: health & wellbeing awareness and education, group fitness activities, walks, swimming, yoga
  • Literacy and Numeracy – eg: tailored programs to suit learning ability, money handling, budgeting, reading and writing skills
  • Recreational – eg: ten pin bowling, music, dancing, picnics, art and craft
  • Community access – eg: library, music works, community events, shopping, museum, art gallery, volunteer groups

Clients engage in both centre-based and community activities and are encouraged to contribute to weekly activity planning. Programs facilitate practical learning opportunities for life skill development and support clients to explore their personal interests.

Plympton and Elizabeth feature fully accessible facilities for personal care and independent living activities.

Our highly trained dedicated staff provide transport support for clients to engage in a range of group-based community and recreational activities.