Participating in the NDIS begins with a plan to map your dreams but bringing it to life can be daunting, time consuming and stressful.

How will you manage your budget and pay for the supports you choose?

Centacare can do this for you!

What we do

As part of your plan, you will need to choose your preferred way to manage your budget and all of the financial transactions involved with accessing your supports.

There are different ways of doing this, including Plan Management.

If this is the best option for you, you may have funding for a Plan Management service provider included in your plan.

By seeking Plan Management support, your other support funds are not reduced – it is provided on top of your other funding requirements.

The service providers will send the invoices for your supports to the Centacare Plan Manager who will check the invoice, troubleshoot with the provider if there are any issues and then pay it on your behalf.

The Centacare Plan Manager will also track your budgets and provide you with statements of expenditure each month.

They will assist in maximising the potential benefits of your NDIS plan by ensuring you don’t leave support funding unspent.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Centacare Financial Services with any queries regarding our Plan Management services on 0408 812 181 or